Rottweiler vs German Shepherd

  • Physique
Both these dogs are large breeds of dogs, originally bred for herding and working purposes. The German Shepherd has a longer muzzle, longer fur, and it's head is comparatively small as compared to the Rottweiler which has a short muzzle, comparatively shorter coat and a huge head.

  • Variety
The German Shepherd comes in a variety of colours, including solid black, brown and even white, however the most common colour is a mixed brown and black. However the Rottweiler comes in only black with brown highlights, most common of which are around the eyes and joints.

  • Nature
Both these German giants are very loyal, intelligent, strong, brave and courageous, yet still there are differences in the nature of the two. German Shepherds are slightly easier to train as compared the Rotties, if you say jump, the German Shepherd ask you "how high?" and a Rottweiler will say "why?"

  • Activity Level
While both dogs need lots of exercise, German Shepherds are very hyper especially at a young age and will sometimes bark tirelessly, whereas the Rottweiler is slightly less hyper and quiet.

  • Litter Size
Litter size of a German Shepherd is about 5-10 puppies per litter on average, whereas it is 8-12 puppies per litter for the Rottweiler.

  • Grooming
While both the dogs require minimal grooming, the German Shepherds keep on shedding constantly throughout the year and may require regular brushing to prevent dog hair around your house, the Rottweilers in comparison, shed only in the spring-summer season and with a relatively shorter coat, are less of a burden in terms of grooming.


  1. Both are good and reliable dogs but because of their coats I still prefer the Rottweiler

  2. From personal observation and experience: Rotts are much, much quieter than GSDs (very vocal), and 'stickier' (likes you shadow people). Female GSDs are much better with children than female Rotts, male Rotts are much better at guarding than GSDs.

  3. It is because of it's intelligence and obedience,i prefer GSDs

  4. GSDs are inteligent and care a lot for their owners. My vote GSD

  5. gsd is strong or intelligent then roots my voto gsd

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  7. Gsd is best because i have an Gsd he very inteligent,loyal and very much love Bruno....

  8. My vote goes to the Rottweiler hands down...Confident, good looking, built like a tank and highly affectionate. But can put the fear of God in someone looking to harm their human!!!

    Put some time, work and money into your Rottie. The first year is hard but the investment is well worth it...

  9. Rottweiler is no.1 breed there is no comparison.I have both Rottweiler & Gsd, I found rottie is better than gsd